Single Vineyards

The vineyard-designated wines represent the distinct voices of Radian, Bentrock and Puerta del Mar. They are singular, incredibly specific, focused expressions of each parcel of land. They express the very essence and nature of where the grapes are grown at our estate only a few miles from the cold Pacific Ocean. Bentrock is our vineyard of long, rolling hills and parcels that are protected from the rough maritime winds. Soils are poor and the temperature changes quickly from cold to warm. The wines are complex and opulent. Radian is our breathtaking high-altitude vineyard where whipping winds and diatomaceous earth-based soils predominate. The yields are tiny offering intensely concentrated and laser focused wines. Puerta del Mar is the home of our winery and the western-most point of our estate. A wild and windy vineyard that offers us wines with complexity and charm. These are ultimate wines of terroir.